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Championing Rights, Dignity and Independence in Adelaide.


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Social Work Supports

” Every action we undertake is driven by a singular vision: to provide unparalleled professional care, ensuring every individual feels valued and empowered.”
Peris Misoy,
Empowering Individuals with Disabilities.

Our NDIS Services

Local Expert

Working across diverse clinical settings in Adelaide, we have an intimate understanding of our community, ensuring our care is always personalised and relevant.

Professional Assurance

Our team consists of trained and qualified professionals. Each is a qualified social worker and a member of the Australian Association of Social Work (AASW).

Diverse Experience

Our Specialised Support Coordinators have worked across many facets of specialised care – including regional and metropolitan major hospitals, community services and mental health.

Your Voice Matters

Upholding the principle of ‘Nothing About Me, Without Me’, we ensure that every individual is central to decisions about their care and support.

Introduction to NDIS

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an Australian program designed to assist individuals with enduring and significant disabilities. Its primary goal is to provide the necessary support, ensuring everyone can actively participate in their community. For those interested in learning more about the NDIS or considering applying, click here for comprehensive information.

Introduction to PRS Care Services

Guided by our director, a seasoned social worker with extensive clinical experience, we are committed to fostering innovation and excellence in care. Continuously working at the forefront of patient care in a leading hospital, our director’s expertise and dedication form the foundation of our approach.

Experienced Leadership: Led by a seasoned social worker.
Innovation in Care: Always seeking the best methods and practices.

Why PRS Care Services

Our commitment is not just to offer support but to ensure that every individual thrives within their community. Collaborating closely with healthcare professionals and NDIA representatives, we aim to create an inclusive future where top-tier care is accessible to all.

Collaborative Approach: Working hand-in-hand with healthcare professionals.
Inclusive Vision: Aiming for a future where everyone receives top-tier care.
Personalised Support: Tailored services to meet individual needs.
About Us

What Makes Us Tick.

PRS Care Services is dedicated to fostering positive change for individuals with disabilities. Led by our director, a seasoned social worker with extensive experience in diverse healthcare settings, we prioritise the highest quality of specialised support coordination.

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